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Don’t Forget Conventional Media When Plugging Your Blog or Your Products

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Michael Melcher, author of the The Creative Lawyer reminds us here of the huge impact that a mention in a
good old fashioned media source can have on blog traffic or book sales. Melcher reports that after his letter to the editor appeared in the New York Times, traffic to his blog increased substantially and his book sales jumped, placing him briefly at the atop the list of best selling law related books.

Incidentally, I’ve read through much of the Creative Lawyer so that I could review it here. But reading the book doesn’t do the book justice; you’ve also got to do the exercises and complete the checklists to derive the full value, I think. I’m still working my way through some of those which has delayed my review. However, even now, I can say that Creative Lawyer will force you to rethink your practice and lead you to ideas to change it to achieve more satisfaction. With just eight weeks left until the end of 2007, you’d do well to purchase this book now and lay the foundation for making 2008 a more creative and personally satisfying year for your practice.

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