Blogging for the Long Haul

My buddy Kevin O’Keefe is raising a toast to America’s blogging lawyers and their “dedication to learn, exchange information, and market themselves in an upbeat and professional way.” But there’s another part of Kevin’s post that caught my eye – the line where he adds that “Blogging lawyers, age 35, are going to be blogging for the next 25 years.”

I started my blog when I was 38 and I’m fast approaching the five year blogging mark. While I can’t imagine abandoning blogging, I also can’t fathom the thought of blogging twenty more years, churning out content two or three times a week. Would I find enough new inspiration to keep my writing fresh? Or turn into some kind of blogging-egomaniac, forever citing my own self-created body of work, or harking back to the “good old days” when bloggers had to walk ten miles through knee deep snow to post…(oops, that’s the speech I give my daughters when they balk about the three block walk home from the bus stop). And worst of all, will changes in technology render my old posts inaccessible?

Right now, the blogging phenomenon lives so vibrantly in the present that it’s hard to contemplate the future. And like everything else with the Internet, some next big thing will come along in another ten years that will displace blogging entirely. The challenge that I see for lawyers isn’t so much committing to blogging for the long haul, but having the ability to embrace blogging for now, while keeping our eyes and mind open for the next big thing on the horizon.

Where do you think blogging is going? And will you be blogging 25 years from now? Post your thoughts below or at your blog.