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Welcome to MyShingle’s Beautiful New Lexblog!

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Welcome to the new and improved face of My, where we’ve been inspiring solo and small firm lawyers, and those who yearn to start a firm, since December 2002.  I should add that this new face is more than skin deep; for the third time in our history, MyShingle has changed blogging platforms.  In the past five years, we’ve moved from Slashcode to Typepad, and now, we’re going with a professionally designed, state of the art, LexBlog.  I made the switch for several reasons. 

First, even though I’ve been blogging for five years, there are still many lawyers who aren’t familiar with my site.  I am confident that LexBlog will help me significantly expand my online visibility and bring MyShingle’s message to audiences that don’t typically frequent the solo genre of blogs.  

Second, the new design will help me to more effectively promote my book, Solo by Choice:  How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be.  Among other things, I’ll use the new platform to collect feedback on the book from readers and publish "Author’s Cuts" (parts that wound up on the editor’s cutting room floor) and "Pocket Parts," (updates to the material in the book, since the legal world is changing too rapidly for any book to remain current without regular supplements).  In fact, the first "book value add" is already available – the redesigned  Soloformania Guide gives readers a way to directly access and download many of the Forms contained in Appendix 4 of the Book (Creating A Sample Forms Library).

MyShingle may look different, but at its heart, it remains the same:  an homage to the dedication of all the hardworking, ethical solo and small firm lawyers who serve clients and find justice and a glimmer of hope for lawyers toiling in, or sleepwalking through uninspiring jobs, that there is another path.  And finally, MyShingle serves as a reminder that while no job, including solo practice is perfect, on most days, being a shingler just may offer the best chance not merely for a satisfying career, but for one that actually matters.

Please feel free to send me feedback or questions.

  • Benjamin K. Sanchez

    Congratulations on the new design and service. I am in the idea stages with LexBlog and hope to be soon joining you and other satisfied LexBlog customers on the web. Just a small suggestion here…have your links open the targets in new tabs/windows rather than replacing your blog. I believe it’s better for you to not let people leave your site but also still be able to view the link. Keep up the great work!

  • Hey, congratulations on the new look, Carolyn!
    A local lawyer (Michael Atkins of Seattle Trademark Lawyer blog) just organized a get-together for Seattle-area law bloggers and I met Kevin of LexBlog. Small world!
    — Mary

  • Congrats Carolyn. It’s an honor for LexBlog and I to be of service to you. The greatest thing in founding LexBlog is the opportunity it gives me to meet and work with some wonderful lawyers, who also happen to be wonderful people.
    Ben – got to be careful about that ‘new window’ thing when clicking on a link. Not everyone has tabs in their browsers (90% of law firms) and UI standards tend to be contra losing the back button feature to get back to where you were.

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