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ABA TechShow – Technolawyer Summary of My Panel, Technology for the StartUp

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Even if you missed the ABA TechShow 2008, you can find a terrific series of extremely comprehensive summaries of various panels here, courtesy of the Technolawyer Trade Show Reports, authored by Technolawyer’s intrepid reporter, Mazyar "Crazy Mazy" Hedayat.   On Friday,
Mazyar posted his detailed report on Beating the Startup Blues: A Tech Survival Guide that I co-presented with David Masters. 

As Mayzar’s post bears out, while David and I have our own personal preferences about technology choices, ultimately, we agree that there’s no one-size fits all solution.  When you start your firm, you need to evaluate the hardware and sofware choices with these factors in mind:

• Cost
• Mobility
• Ease of Use
• Available Support
• Compatibility
• Security

Take a look at Mayzar’s post for a full summary of the different categories of technology tools to consider when starting your firm.  Also, for another excellent TechShow summary, visit Brett Burney’s summary article at’s Legal Technology.

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