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Live Blogging ABA Tech Show, Post 1

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In theory, I like the idea of live blogging – at least when someone else is doing it.  When I read through a live-blogged, play-by-play entry, it’s almost as good as being at the conference myself.  Plus, even if I actually attended the event, it’s interesting to read about it from someone else’s perspective.

But in practice, when it comes to live blogging – well, it’s a bit of a pain.  You need to tote a laptop around all day, plus  endure the nagging sense of obligation of having to write a post.

In any event, I have a free moment, so I’m using the opportunity to blog.  This morning I co-presented with David Masters (the Adobe guru) who just released a new book that includes information on Adobe 8.0) on tech for the start up law firm.  More of a turn out than I expected and a fairly hot audience with a decent number of questions.  Tomorrow, though, I’m speaking about a topic that I’m passionate about – using technology to retain clients.  What excites me about that topic is that it involves a disruptive use of technology.  Ordinarily, we view technology as impersonal – so using it to build personal relationships that help bond us with, and bring us closer to clients – is a disruptive, almost counter-intuitive use.  And that’s exciting to me.  In fact, it’s through technology that I’ve built relationships with some of the people listed here whom I’ve had a chance to spend time with at the conference.

By the way, if any of you at Tech Show and are interested in paging through a copy of my new book, Solo by Choice, I’m carrying a copy around.  I don’t have any available for sale, but paging through the book may help you decide whether you want to buy it.  And, I’ll be hosting one of the dine-around dinners tonight with Jim Calloway The topic is blogging, but even so, I don’t plan on live blogging the meal.

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