An Off Hours Law Practice Is An On Point Idea

One of the five "high impact" marketing practices that I discuss in Solo by Choice is non-traditional consultations, such as house calls or an after hours practice.  Not only are are non-traditional consults a way to stand out and accomodate your clients, but they’re also compatible with many solos’ business models.  Making house calls or site visits minimizes the need for a physical office, thus enabling you to work from home or in less expensive shared or virtual space.  And an after hours practice lets you keep a day job to keep revenue coming in as you get up to speed, or enables you to stay home with your children and work at a time when your spouse can watch them. 

I didn’t give many examples of non-traditional consults in my book because I hadn’t found many at the time.  So I was glad to see this blurb about James Perullo’s Bay State Legal Services After Hour Law is open for business from 6-10 for convenience to clients.  Many of the lawyers affiliated with the venture, like Perullo, work during the day.  My guess is that these hours will bring in clients who didn’t want to lose work time to schedule a daytime meeting with a lawyer.  Why aren’t more lawyers developing and implementing other types of nontraditional consultation times.  If you are, let me know in the comments below.