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Starting Non-Conventional Solo Practices and a Free Marketing Call

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Some lawyers start their own practice, but rather than specialize in traditional legal work, opt for or incorporate alternatives like contract lawyering, mediation or lobbying.  If you’re interested in how to build a practice in those areas, consider these resources:

Lisa Solomon, a nationally recognized contract attorney who practices as  Question of Law offers some quick tips on running a contract law business in the March 2008 issue of GP Solo Magazine.  She offers other products on starting a contract law firm at Legal Research and Writing Pro.

Victoria Pynchon, who blogs at Negotiation Law Blog shares a grab bag of ideas on how to make money in a mediation practice, including a link to blogger Tammy Lenski’s book, Make Mediation Your Day Job.  I purchased and read Lenski’s book a few months ago based on rave reviews from other  bloggers and even though I don’t  have  a mediation practice, I found much of Lenski’s advice applies to building any type of law practice.  If you’re not comfortable with some of the hard sell, “get rich quick” genre of marketing materials, you’ll particularly enjoy Lenski’s book because she explains how to tools that you’re already comfortable using in your practice (in her case, mediation, but it could just as easily be advocacy skills or writing skills) to  make your case to others.

Finally – and this is a bit late, but personal injury lawyer and marketing guru, Ben Glass of Great Legal Marketing is hosting a conference all on Wednesday April 16, 2008 – no registration required, where he’ll be speaking with two lawyers and what they’ve learned (and more importantly applied) at his seminars.   I’ve never attended one of Ben’s events, but I have trusted colleagues who have reaped value from his programs.  Here are the details:

Date: Wednesday, April 16
Time:  3:00 p.m Eastern
Dial In: 419-400-0202 Code 332894#

Notice: Dial in early, we only have 197 lines for this call.

For more information: – More info on the SuperConference

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