On June 3, 2008, I’ll be giving a webinar for JD Bliss entitled www.aFrom Biglaw to Yourlaw: The Secrets of Starting and Growing a Successful Solo Law Practice.  Like my book, the webinar contains plenty of general advice that’s useful to lawyers starting a practice at any stage of their career.  But it will focus specifically on some of the issues related to starting a firm that are unique to lawyers presently employed at a law firm.  These issues include dealing with the psychological aspects of losing a steady paycheck, figuring out whether you can (or want to) continue your current law firm practice specialty as a solo and how to do so and learning how to negotiate an amicable departure from your firm, without running afoul of ethics rules or harming your chances for future referrals.  In writing my book, I discovered that these topics have not received much attention in most of the other literature on starting a practice.  So please sign up – I’m really looking forward to this event.