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Loose Ends Round Up

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Here’s a quick round up of links that may hold some interest for readers:

William Henderson of the Empirical Legal Studies Blog shares some trends that may impact solo and small firm practitioners (in particular, the declining number of trials) and tips his hat to solo and small firm lawyers for the good work they do.

Check out the new Virtualworkers job board, sponsored by Greatest American Lawyer.  Lawyers or students looking to pick up work can check the board, while employers can post position.

If you’re looking for places to meet potential clients that won’t also have many other lawyers, or if you want to host a webinar or get together to attract or educate prospects, check out the event board at  Eventful allows you to list your event (at no charge) and also discover interesting events and meet- ups that you might otherwise not find.  I stumbled across the board while looking for ways to get the word out about my upcoming workshop.

In ten days, I’ll be heading out to Los Angeles (where I’ve never been for more than an airport transfer) to speak at the first LA Solo and Small Firm Law Conference.  If you’re at the conference or interested in meeting up before hand, drop me an email.

  • More Resources on Virtual Assistants

    For solo and small firm lawyers interested in virtual assistants (see this earlier post), here are two additional resources: A four part series about using virtual assistants is up at Home Office Warrior. The series is written from the perspective…

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