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Will I See you At the LA Solo/Small Firm Conference?

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Postings will be light the rest of the week as I head out to the Los Angeles Bar Smalll and Solo Law Conference as well as the ALM West Coast Legal Tech Show.  As always, leaving town when your spouse works in another city and you need to find care for your kids is always a bit of juggle – tomorrow, I will dispatch my daughter’s to my parent’s place at the beach where they’ll spend a few days with their two other girl cousins, and on Wed., a neighbor will pick up my puppy to take her to boarding (I can’t drop her off because her vaccinations haven’t fully kicked in yet).  Ah, just writing all this logistical stuff makes me tired!

Anyway, I will try to send some tweets through and put up a posting or two but beyond that, I may just take off through the weekend.  If you will be out in Los Angeles, I would love to meet you, either at the conference or outside of conference hours.

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