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Greatest American Lawyer’s Rejoinder to the Well Drafted Retainer

In a response to my earlier post, The Well Drafted Retainer, my blogging colleague Enricho Schaefer ponders whether the traditional retainer is outdated.  Schafer argues that the complexity of retainer agreements complicates relationships with clients rather than facilitating them.  Schaefer explains that his firm memorializes the attorney-client agreement with an email listing the tasks to…

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NEW- Free e-book: Social Networking for Lawyers: The What, Why and How

This past Friday, I hosted a proof of concept course on Social Networking for Lawyers.  As part of the course materials, I prepared a 30 page ebook, entitled Social Networking for Lawyers: What, Why & How that gives an overview of social networking tools for lawyers (the “what”), describes how these tools can help build…

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Should the Law Marketing Message Fit the Medium?

Lawyers sell advice and legal services.  So should lawyer marketing focus on, or educate clients about what lawyers provide – or try to identify ways to get in front of prospective clients for any reason.  That’s the question that law marketer Russ Lawson considers in this post which discusses a  99 cent/gallon gas promotion by…

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Even As Biglaw Gets Bigger, Opportunities for Solo and Small Firms Remain

Seems that every day, biglaw just keeps getting bigger.   And indeed, that may be the only solution if firms are to continue to sustain what Professor Bill Henderson refers to as Cravath Model, whereby firms pay top dollar for top lawyers (or more accurately, what they define as top lawyers, meaning GPA, law review and…

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The Well Drafted Retainer Agreement – A Sample and A Challenge

As I’ve written in Solo by Choice and discussed at my blog, a well drafted, ethically compliant retainer agreement is a lawyer’s most important tool in guarding against grievances, setting client expectations and generally, helping to create a profitable pratice.   Without a retainer, some bars won’t even let you collect your fee.  And if your…

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My Article on Leaving A Law Firm Now Online At Complete Lawyer

When I sat down to write Solo By Choice, I was surprised to find little information on the issues related to leaving a law firm, from negotiating benefits to notifying clients with the exception of   Dennis Kennedy‘s excellent chapter in the ABA’s book, Flying Solo.  Thus, I devoted a section of SBC to these…

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