Should the Law Marketing Message Fit the Medium?

Lawyers sell advice and legal services.  So should lawyer marketing focus on, or educate clients about what lawyers provide – or try to identify ways to get in front of prospective clients for any reason.  That’s the question that law marketer Russ Lawson considers in this post which discusses a  99 cent/gallon gas promotion by a Kentucky law firm.  Essentially, the firm distributed $15 vouchers entitling the first 250 drivers to gas for a price of .99, with the firm making up the difference in price.  Firm lawyers and staff pumped gas for the customers.  Lawson isn’t sure if this practice is even ethical, but even if it is (and I think it would pass muster – it’s not all that different from distributing pens or tee-shirts at a convention, just higher value), Lawson doesn’t like it.  He argues that gimmicks like these “buy the brief attention of the market,” but they don’t educate clients or help the firm learn what prospective clients really want or need.

What do you think?