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From Reader Michael Smith: A Checklist for Opening A Law Office

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Have you started the final countdown to opening your practice?  Whether you have six months or 6 week weeks until take-off, you’ll find Michael Smith’s concise article, A Checklist for Opening A Law Office from this month’s issue of the Texas Bar Journal extremely useful.   What qualifies Smith to write this piece?  Well, he started a firm — Siebman, Reynolds, Burg, Phillips & Smith — back in January, so the topic is fresh in his mind.  Smith covers the obvious – such as finding an office (assuming you choose to work outside of a home office) to purchasing equipment to nitty-gritty details like getting a coffee pot or changing your contact information at the court.

The last page of the article contains a list of some of the law practice management resources offered by the Texas Bar.  Over three years ago, I mentioned some of the terrific resources that the Texas Bar offers to new lawyers and solo and small firm practitioners, including the Ten Minute Mentor Program – a series of online videos, viewable by all lawyers, not just members of the Texas Bar.   Now, there are even more resources for solo and small firm lawyers available at Texas Bar

If your bar offers valuable resources for solo and small firm lawyers, please send me a note so that I can note it here and add it to the online resource guide in the sidebar.

  • Thanks for sharing this article – I found it interesting and well written! Some of the info was helpful to me, as an entrepreneur who is setting up shop, and some is helpful to me good background information as I am planning to work with lawyers.

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