NEW- Free e-book: Social Networking for Lawyers: The What, Why and How

This past Friday, I hosted a proof of concept course on Social Networking for Lawyers.  As part of the course materials, I prepared a 30 page ebook, entitled Social Networking for Lawyers: What, Why & How that gives an overview of social networking tools for lawyers (the “what”), describes how these tools can help build the 3 Rs of a successful practice – relationships, referrals and reputation (the “why”) and offers best practices for using social networking tools as well as a preliminary analysis of some of the potential ethics issues (the “how.”)  There’s also an Appendix that contains powerful adjectives and verbs for use in a social networking profile and various screen shots of social networking applications, including a fairly detailed mark-up version of LinkedIn.  The ebook is intended to serve as an introduction to jump start your use of social networking tools; it’s by no means comprehensive.  In September, I will be launching a series of online trainings for groups of individual lawyers as well as turn-key programs for bar associations and law firms; by downloading the e-book, you’ll automatically receive updates on these upcoming events.  Also, watch for a CD recording of the course that I’ll be making available soon.

Note:  If there are topics that you’d like to see covered in the book, or have any other feedback to offer,  please send me an email or drop a post in the comments below.

Here’s the registration form for the e-book: