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More Change At MyShingle and Announcing Six Weeks “til Solo Practice

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Over the next few weeks, you’ll see some changes here at MyShingle, most notably an enhanced version of our flagship features, the Online Guide and Soloformania.  As always, these resources will remain free for all users – though I will be introducing some new sponsors who will enable me to continue to make this information available at no cost  – though this will require a slight design upgrade. I’m also planning to release an upgraded version of my Social Networking book, and have  another e-book coming out shortly as well related to another MyShingle spin off.

In addition to these resources, I am also expanding the MyShingle brand to add a variety of programs, both online and turnkey for bar groups, that have been in the works since I released my book, Solo by Choice.  I’m pleased to announce that we’ll have registration for the first session of Six Weeks Til Solo Practice, a fast paced, hard charging online program that will get you in gear to open your law firm by January 2009.

Finally, stay tuned for some very special activities that I’ll be announcing in connection with my site’s upcoming 6th Anniversary, including a contest and video based project.

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