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Happy Thanksgiving, The Solo Spirited Holiday

For some time, I’ve been wanting to weigh in on the debate over at Simple Justice about lawyer marketing, such as its role in educating the public, whether the focus on marketing has overtaken the importance of honing our craft as lawyers and the extent to which we permit marketing to pervade everything we do…

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Law Marketing in a Time of Less Than Plenty Now Up At Nolo

My post, Legal Marketing in A Time of Less Than Plenty is up at Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg, with lessons for lawyers drawn from what retailers are doing to keep sales stable in a wobbly economy.  Here’s the opener: Though we lawyers prefer to think otherwise, for many consumers and small businesses, legal services are…

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Take A Stroll on Lawyer Avenue

Long before work life balance (WLB) became acronymized and before young lawyers began fleeing law firms in droves, Lawyer Avenue Press (and its imprint, Decision Books), the company that published Solo by Choice served as a voice for a life in the law, with titles such as The Guide to Contract Lawyering or What Can…

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Mindmapping the Process of Starting a Law Firm

As you may know, I’m a new fan of the art of the chart, i.e., the use of graphic depictions to convey an explanation.  Today, thinking about all of the decisions that go into opening a law firm, I decided to attempt a Mind Map of the process.  It’s more complex than I thought, but…

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Challenge the Bar

Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don’t stand in the doorway Don’t block up the hall For he that gets hurt Will be he who has stalled There’s a battle outside And it is ragin’ UPDATE (11/22/08) I wanted to highlight the comment from Ben Glass, a respected and successful personal injury/medical malpractice attorney…

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The Whole Pig

One of my favorite chapters in the Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House On The_Prairie series is the one recounting Pa’s annual hog butchering ritual.  At least sixty years later, Wilder was able to describe the event in vivid detail (if you’re a fan of the series, I’m sure you remember these details), from the somewhat…

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VSS – Very Simple SEO for Lawyers

It’s been in the works for a while, but I can finally announce that I’ll be contributing to‘s new Legal Marketing Blawg and I’ll also be hosting one of their ads at my site which should be up and running in a couple of days.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Nolo publications…

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Should Lawyers Accept Ads on Their Blogs? Why Not?

[Above is the video that inspired this post (HT] Even as many bloggers have looked to advertising as a way to generate an income stream from their blogs, up until relatively recently, I didn’t think that lawyers should include ads on a law firm blog.  (I realize that you’ve seen ads at MyShingle but…

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.