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Criticize My Site, If You Will… But Don’t EVER Accuse Me of Lacking Transparency

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In response to my post on The DC Bar and Avvo, I received a comment from DC Attorney that angered me enough to write this post.  Specifically, DC Attorney attacked my integrity, and the integrity of this site with the following remark: 


Regardless, since it’s obvious Carolyn and Josh King have a financial stake in Avvo’s promotion, it’s not really worth the time to bother with either.


Let me be clear:  I do not have any financial stake in Avvo whatsoever.  I have a listing at the site, but  given my highly specialized practice area, I don’t generate clients from my listing nor do I ever expect to.  I’ve previously defended Avvo, however, there, my remarks came in response to the dismissal of a class action against Avvo.  And in my most recent post, my focus was more on the DC Bar’s reaction to the site, rather than a promotion for the Avvo itself.

Look, DC Attorney – if you don’t agree with my position on Avvo, just say so – and preferably, identify yourself when you do.  But don’t you dare attack my integrity.  I realize that it’s hard to believe that a little site like mine can offer so much content without financial support from outside sources, but yes it’s true.  Because MyShingle has always been, at least in part, a labor love and posting here, even over six years has never felt like work. 

Above all, though, I value, and stand proud of my integrity particularly in a place like the blogosphere where many others are quick to cash in on fame and change their position once cash starts flowing.  So I want to make clear that at least here, my readers can trust that I am fully transparent, as I have been for six years.  If I ever recommend or post favorably about a product or a company, I will always disclose my affiliation and whether I’m getting a financial benefit (in fact, in this post where I recommended Blawging Lawyers, I noted that Grant Griffiths was a friend.  What I didn’t say is that Grant has offered me affiliate opportunities which I declined).  And even where I do have paying sponsors (such as the affiliation and Nolo), I am always clear that I retain full control over my site content and my sponsors respect that.  In fact, I choose sponsors carefully, and I’m only interested in those who appreciate my mission: to improve the image of solos and equip them with encouragement to succeed and to serve as an honest broker. 

As some of you may know, I am currently working on a build out of MyShingle, and I will, in a measured way, be taking on sponsors and adding features to help the site generate revenue so that I can continue to provide features like Bars Reviewed.  But no matter what I do, I will always be transparent with readers.

As for DC Attorney, I’d have been happy to take this offlist with him, but he cloaked his email. How  ironic that someone who thought to attack my integrity didn’t even have the integrity to identify himself.

  • shg

    Ah, the wonderful world of assumptive anonymous attacking . . . idiots. Of all the ridiculous things to say about you, Carolyn, accusing you of lacking integrity is the most ridiculous. Don’t let the idiots get you down.

  • I am so proud of you for taking on the DC bar. The practice of law has changed and they seem unable to recognize this. This specific attorney’s attack on your integrity shows that he knows nothing about you and Myshingle. You are alway honest (and always have been) with you readers.

  • Your last paragraph says it all.
    More and more I am reading angry comments and abusive language on blogs by anonymous persons. Are they ashamed to own what they say? Or, are they just cowards? Perhaps their one thrill of the day is a verbal hit-and-run?
    Regardless, just keep on keeping on. As you said, your blog is a labor of love, and we love reading it.

  • Dan Kennedy is right.. the higher up the “ladder of success” you go the more there are people waiting down below (usually far, far, below) who will be shooting at you! Its the only way they can feel successful..just try to bring others down…

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