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Would You Hire An Unemployed Lawyer As A Volunteer?

From Newsday, I learned that the Nassau County Attorney’s office hopes help out in this economic downturn by opening its doors to bring on several volunteer lawyers who haven’t been able to find other employment.  Positions range from working with the county’s Home Ownership Center to advise in mortgage default situations to defending the county…

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Richard Susskind & The End of Lawyers: What It Means for Solos

By now, you’ve probably read some of the press or blog reviews about Richard Susskind’s recent book, The End of Lawyers.  So you’re probably familiar with Susskind’s main premise that disruptive technologies which routinize or automate certain legal tasks will erode the need for traditional legal services or displace them entirely.  Susskind anticipates that clients…

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The Lock-Step Monster

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost Why is it that biglaw is always engaged in a constant game of follow the leader?  A few years back, sites like Above the Law gleefully documented the steady upward march of…

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I Can Do An Appeal With My Eyes Closed, But I’d Rather Be Flying Blind

After twenty years of practice, I can do an appeal from start to finish with my eyes closed.  I’m intimately familiar with the Three-Bears like requirements for timely filing (too early can render the petition incurably premature; too late and the petition misses the unforgiving statutory deadlines and gets unceremoniously bounced) to the arguments –…

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How Your World Opens Wide When You Start Your Own Law Firm

Back when I worked for others, my social interactions were remarkably stratified.  As an associate or a newbie government lawyer, I spent lunches and breaks palling around with other junior lawyers who occupied the same lower tiers of the employment hierarchy as I did.  My sole social encounters with partners or superiors came during polite…

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Real Life Marketing: Collaborating to Market Your Law Practice

So what does Mr. Clean have to do with law firm marketing?  Not much, if you’re talking about Mr. Clean all by his lonesome –  though I suppose there’s some buried lesson there about branding or image.  But what caught my eye about  this cleaning product, however, is that it’s a real life example of…

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Improve Energy, Increase Productivity with 5 Easy Feng Shui Tips

To increase the positive energy in your office space, and be more productive as a result, consider taking advantage of feng shui. This is the ancient art of aligning our external world to support our internal journey, explains Lorrie Webb Grillo, certified feng shui practitioner and owner of Thriving Spaces Feng Shui.