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How Much A Solo and A Blogger Earn

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Most of us are curious to learn how much solos earn, yet few solos are willing to publicly share. So here’s a huge hat tip to Peter Olson of Solo in Chicago for posting his monthly financials for 2009.   Because Peter’s so disciplined with expenses, he manages to keep virtually everything he kills.

Interestingly, it was these financial disclosures at the Consumerism Commentary that inspired Peter’s posts – and the Consumerism data gives some insight into the revenues that a successful blog can generate.

Data on solo earnings is notoriously sparse.  Solos are a disparate group so it’s virtually impossible to aggregate meaningful data.  Still, it’s a question that many solos to be want answered.  So  if you’re aware of any other sources on solo earnings (or want to volunteer your own!), feel free to post below.

Additional resources: Department of Labor data on all lawyer earnings, Indiana solo salary data at Empirical Legal Studies Blog, survey on NY solo salaries (2004).

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