There Is No Stress Like…

Many of you may know what it’s like to stand up when the jury verdict’s about to be read.  Your heart pounds, your palms sweat and you get weak in the knees.   The seconds seem like an eternity as you wait to learn the result.

Before I became a mom, I could think of nothing more stressful than awaiting a jury verdict, followed by the same heart-pounding nervousness of opening an appellate decision.  But nerve-wracking as those situations are, nothing compares to the stress of watching the clock in a courtroom, trying to figure out whether you can race back home to meet your kids at the bus or pick them up from daycare.  Or sitting on a morning train out of town, wondering if your two daughters caught the bus to school.  Or getting ready to say something on the conference call, silently praying that there won’t be screams of children tormenting each other or cursing loudly in the background.

Anyway, it’s been one of those kinds of weeks for me and I’m looking forward to a somewhat relaxing long weekend.  I’ve got one more assignment to polish off and then I’m off to celebrate my niece’s graduation.  Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you all back here on the other side.  

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