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Be the Lawyer They’d Call for the $144 Million Dollar Matter

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Even though I practice in Washington D.C., I don’t know much about David Wilmot, the local attorney representing the 82 year old winner of a $144 million Power Ball jackpot.  (As an aside to the D.C. Bar, if it weren’t for Avvo listing lawyer in D.C., I wouldn’t have been able to hyperlink Wilmot’s name because he doesn’t have much of a web presence).  Still, I’ve got to assume that Wilmot has an impeccable reputation for being trustworthy and discrete.  What else would explain the Power Ball jackpot winner’s willingness to entrust Wilmot to set up an LLC to accept the prize on his behalf  (to preserve anonymity) and well as trust accounts to provide health and educational benefits for the winner’s ten children and 47 grandchildren and great-grandchildren as well as another for philanthropy?  And, to do all of this while fielding 80 phone calls about the prize winner (as the Post reports), while keeping his identity completely confidential.

Wouldn’t you want to be the kind of lawyer clients would call or colleagues would recommend in this kind of matter?

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