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What We’ll Be Discussing At the Part Time Practice Teleseminar

As my colleague Julie Tower Pierce and I prepare for our upcoming Part Time Shingle teleseminar August 27 (click link for details and to register), we’ve decided that we’ll cram in a few more topics in addition to those discussed in this description.  These include responding to questions such as: I’m working part time, but…

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Twitter: Legal Yes, But Always Appropriate?

Two weeks ago, while paging through a hard copy of the New York Times, I stumbled across this interesting controversy reported in the about casting director Daryl Eisenberg‘s use of Twitter to comment on performers as they were auditioning for her.  Though Eisenberg didn’t identify any performers by name, her tweets included comments like: “If…

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True Solos Have True Grit, But Law School Rewards the Ephemeral

Got grit?  You do if you’re making a go of it as a solo.  As much as many of the law practice gurus tell you that earning gobs of money as a solo is easy as pie (particularly if you’re using their thousand dollar "recipes"), the truth is that success comes from doggedness, a bit…

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Protect Your Reputation Online With Free Teleseminar

One of my blogging buddies, Jay Fleischman of Legal Practice Pro is hosting a Free Teleseminar on Protecting Your Reputation Online.  And another blogging friend, defamation law expert Adrianos Facchetti will be participating in the call, offering advice on the legal issues related to online reputation management.  For details on sign up, visit here. I’ve…

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Jet Blue Be Nimble…But Can You?

By now, you’ve probably read about renegade airline Jet Blue‘s unlimited travel pass that allows customers to fly free between any of the airline’s 56 national or international destinations as many times as they want between September 8 and October 8, 2009.   Naturally, some deride the offer as a gimmick for JetBlue to make more…

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Ride Shotgun With MyShingle and RECAP

Since I was out at the end of last week, I missed the announcement of RECAP, a nifty little Firefox plug-in that rides shotgun with lawyers as they use PACER, automatically uploading a copy of documents selected for download to a free repository where other lawyers and the public can view them for free.  In addition,…

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Real Life Lessons for Lawyers from the Fashion Industry

Last week, I took a quick hop up to New York with my daughters to visit Banana Republic‘s design studios.  The trip came courtesy of my lucky 12 year old, Elana who won both the tour and $400 in spending money in a contest at Miss O and Friends.  Though I was happy for my…

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Being A Solo Doesn’t Mean Being Lonely

This month’s issue of Law Practice Today reprints my chapter, Being Solo Does Not Mean Being Lonely from the ABA’s book, Flying Solo.  I wrote the chapter roughly five years ago and therefore, it’s a bit dated since it preceded social media.  Still, my argument that lawyers needed be isolated as solos remains valid.  Finally,…

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.