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Where’s the Value Add in Big Firms?

Even if for the sake of argument, you accept the proposition that biglaw is better than small law, the question is: how much better.  Is an $850/hr partner at a mega firm really $500/hr better than his or her solo or small firm counterpart?  Naturally, we solo and small firm lawyers would say no, but…

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Hanging a Part Time Shingle

Conventional wisdom says that lawyers can’t hang a part time shingle.  But then again, we’re hardly conventional.  Though challenging (and what part of life isn’t?!), you can start a practice part time, for a variety of reasons such as not wanting to lose your day job or desire to spend more time with family.  We’ll…

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For WSJ Readers – Resources on Starting a Law Firm

From Biglaw to Yourlaw – Yesterday, one of my solo colleagues Mitchell Matorin was profiled in the Wall Street Journal as asomewhat timely example of a large firm lawyer who has found success in solo practice.  The story mentioned MyShingle and has been driving some traffic to this site, so I wanted to highlight some…

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Coffee Shop Etiquette for the Home Office Shingler

The Wall Street Journal reports that several coffee shops in Brooklyn, New York and San Francisco are restricting laptop use.  With unemployment on the rise, patrons are spending more time and less money in coffee shops, taking up space that might otherwise be occupied by paying customers. As far as I could tell, home-office shinglers…

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Some Tech Round Up: LawTech Talk, MILO Conference

Here’s a quick round-up of a couple of tech related items of use for solos. For a limited time, Nicole Black of Law Tech Talk is making her screencast on using online tools for case preparation available at no charge.  Go to this link for more information. The first MILO Fest (Macs In Law Office)…

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Utah Offers Formal Program, But Nothing Precludes You From Building Your Own

New law graduates embarking on the practice of law in Utah won’t have to stumble around helplessly as they try to figure out the nuts and bolts of law practice.  According to the Salt Lake City Tribune (H/T ABA Journal) Utah has just implemented a mandatory mentoring program that pairs all new attorneys (not just solos)…

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7 Ways Practice Management will Help You Get a Head Start in 2018

When you’re able to accomplish more in less time, everyone wins. Your clients will get more for each billable hour they invest in you, and you’ll make more money. A lot more. Consider this: If a lawyer, who charges $365 an hour (the median rate for a consumer law attorney[1]), bills one extra hour per week, they will earn an additional $18,980 annually.