MyShingle Virtual Videos from Carolyn Elefant on Vimeo.

I’m proud to present the launch of the MyShingle Virtual Video series, which will have a permanent home and dedicated page when my site re-lauches in the next few weeks. As video gains traction, I realized that many solo and small firm lawyers would like to incorporate video on their websites but can’t figure out how to do so conveniently or inexpensively.  Then I realized that with the power of Skype, I could videotape lawyers online; all they need is a webcam and Skype connection, but they don’t need to figure out how to record or edit videos themselves.  However, before I could experiment on Skype with a novice, I needed to try it out with a tech pro, which is why I turned to Sam Glover of the now two person consumer law firm,  Samuel J. Glover & Associates and a blogger at Caveat Emptor Blog and the Lawyerist.  Among the topics we covered are:

*How Sam got his start as a solo, his recent first hire and advice for students seeking jobs at small firms;

*Sam’s practice area of consumer law, why he chose it as a niche;the contingent nature of consumer law and the true cost of handling consumer law cases;

*Why Sam offers certain pleadings free of charge at his website; and

*How Sam’s blog helps him market his practice and creates more informed and better screened prospective clients

This video is a feature, so it’s fairly long.  The video profiles that I’m envisioning for solo and small firm lawyers would run three to eight minutes.  If you are interested in participating in’s Virtual Video Project, either as a featured guest or would like a video short for your website, please contact me at