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The DIY Trend Is Gaining Momentum

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Do it yourself is everywhere, and it’s not just for economic reasons.  As I describe in more detail at this post at Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg, consumers are taking matters into their own hands either because they’ve grown up finding answers on the Internet or because technology facilitates DIY transactions.  As I point out, the 21st century version of DIY is very different from the traditional model where, for example, many consumers handled legal matters themselves because they couldn’t afford a lawyer.  Today’s DIY model doesn’t seek to displace professional services as much as to supplement them – and that’s why it’s so important for lawyers to have offerings in place that cater to independently oriented DIY clients.

And in fact, just after putting up that post, I was reminded of another cool (and free, another trend that goes with DIY) site that lets you design your own logo –  Logo Ease.  The site is fun and simple to use and though it doesn’t offer a huge variety of options, at the very least you can create something good enough.

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