Nicole Black: New York Criminal Lawyer, Author, Blogger, Law Technology Guru

More than ever, in an online world,  your reputation precedes you.  So how can you ensure that you make the best possible first impression long before you meet a colleague or prospective client face to face?  Why not follow Nicole Black‘s (@nikiblack) example, and put yourself out there, on your terms.  Sure, there are sites like Linked-In or Justia or Facebook where you can offer professional or personal informational about yourself, so long as it conforms to the appropriate format.  (And as Niki and I will discuss in our upcoming book on social media, lawyers ignore social media sites at their peril; they serve many useful purposes).   But when it comes to telling our story, these canned formats fall short because they’re one-dimensional.  They lack the intimacy and voice of our own personal narratives.

If you thought you knew Nicole Black, check her e-troduction and think again.   And when you’re done, think about the impression that you want to make and share your story at your blog or website.  And if you do, drop me a line, because I’m happy to share them at MyShingle.