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The DIY Trend Is Gaining Momentum

Do it yourself is everywhere, and it’s not just for economic reasons.  As I describe in more detail at this post at Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg, consumers are taking matters into their own hands either because they’ve grown up finding answers on the Internet or because technology facilitates DIY transactions.  As I point out, the 21st…

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PartTime Shingle Ebook and Recording Ready for Release!

Julie Tower-Pierce and I are happy to announce that we’ve finally completed our 50 page ebook, The Part Time Shingle:  Why Starting a Part Time Practice Can Be Done and How to Make It Work.  Here’s some of the topics that the e-book covers: -Is starting a part time shingle really feasible? [p. 2-3] -Will…

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A Happy Ending to the $50K Question, Should I Solo Now?

In May 2008, I discussed a tantalizing question posed by reader who at the time was employed in a federal clerkship, after having spent two years at biglaw.  He asked  do I go solo now and forfeit the $50,000 clerkship signing bonus from a large firm, or take the leap into solo practice immediately after…

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Biglaw is Selling Connections. Can You?

In the past, I’ve recommended as a resource for solo and small firm lawyers seeking speaking engagements. makes it easy to find one of thousands of groups that meet locally and which might have an interest in hosting a legal speaker on a relevant topic. Though I know of many solo and small…

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.