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Second Chance Solo

What would you do if you were exonerated after spending twelve years in prison for a crime you didn’t commit?  Would you spend the rest of your days justifiably bitter, complaining about the injustice of a legal system that could convict an innocent man?  Or would you feel gratitude towards those lawyers who helped to…

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Come Meet Me At Avvo’s DC and Baltimore Events

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of, which launched back in 2007.  Though now Avvo has plenty of copycats, when it launched, it was the first service to provide a robust online profile to lawyers for free.  Avvo’s generated quite a bit of controversy amongst lawyers, with many like…

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Why Isn’t Anyone Speaking for the Five Solos Targeted by the Connecticut Disciplinary Counsel’s Attack on So-Called Referral Services?

So, let’s say that a typical consumer – we’ll call her Jane Consumer – in Connecticut finds herself hounded by creditors and deeply in debt.  Jane’s heard that bankruptcy might help but she doesn’t know if it’s right for her.  After all, Jane Consumer is no deadbeat.  She’s always paid her debts, but with limited…

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Running Your Small Law Firm to look like a Large Law Firm

Let’s face it, as a solo or small law firm you’re pulled in multiple directions. Not only do you practice law, but you also need to run AND grow a small business.