Booked Solid: Social Media 4 Lawyers Done


It’s been quiet at MyShingle this week because I’ve been booked solid, quite literally.  This week, I was immersed in the second and final draft of A Lawyer’s Guide to Social Media for the ABA which I’m co-authoring with my friend and colleague, Niki Black (who’d already completed her edits on schedule, the week before).  If all goes well, the ABA will release the book in time for ABA Tech Show, where we look forward to meeting you.  If you’re interested, there’s a sneak peek of the  book posted at Law Practice Today that should give you an sense of the approach that we took.

With that book put to rest, I’m gearing up to start thinking about a next edition of Solo by Choice: How to be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be, which turned two in January.  Last year, I summarized the changes  that had taken place in the legal profession since the book launched, which continue to take place.  Yet even with the passage of time, my book remains, by far, the most up to date, comprehensive guide to starting a law firm in the 21st century – covering topics like social media, outsourcing, alternative billing, un-bundling and collaborative law firm structures – all of which are hot topics.  And that’s a good thing, since despite my enthusiasm, a re-write and re-issue will take at least a year (as my publisher says, books aren’t born, they are cooked).

I’m excited to go back and build on my original work, and I welcome your suggestions over the next few months on topics that I should cover in the next version.