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Biglaw to Yourlaw: A Recipe for Success

Peter Chaffetz and David Lindsey, founders and partners at newly formed boutique Chaffetz Lindsey could have simply hopped into another big firm life boat after their former firm, Clifford Chance hit stormy weather last year.  Instead, they took another course: they launched a boutique that is thriving even as the economy struggles to recover.  This…

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A Look Ahead to 2010: Your Client as Your New Partner

Many of my blogging colleagues have been trendspotting for 2010 these past two weeks (see the list of posts at the end).  I’m fashionably late, so instead of chiming in with a list, I’ll focus on one trend which is already getting some discussion: 2010 as the year of the client. In the coming decade,…

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Solo Practice May Be “S**tlaw.” But It Happens.

[Update – January 2, 2010 – I have edited the nasty language from my post in response to one of the commenters.  I’ve been responding to posts like the one at BigDebt for years now and nothing seems to make a dent, so I thought that by using offensive language, I might get the attention…

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