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Return of the Part Time Shingle – February 18, 2010

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The wildly popular The Part-Time Shingle Teleseminar is back. Carolyn Elefant, author of Solo By Choice and the blog, MyShingle and Julie Tower-Pierce, author of Staying at Home: Staying in the Law and the flexible lawyering blog,, are teaming up once again on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. ET to offer another teleseminar – the latest offering in their PinkSlips, Detours & Re-Entry series.

If you’ve ever dreamed about starting your own practice or staying in the law on your own flexible terms, this is an event you absolutely can’t miss!

The Part-Time Shingle: Why starting a part-time law practice part time can be done, and how to make it work.A Teleseminar, Thursday, February 18, 2010 – 12:30 pm ET

Can you start a law firm part time? Conventional wisdom says no, that you need to commit fully to starting a firm to succeed or that starting a firm will dominate your time.
We disagree. Though starting a part-time practice (as with starting any other endeavor) can prove challenging, it’s eminently feasible and enormously satisfying. In this 75 minute teleseminar, we’ll discuss the concept of the part-time shingle, including:

1. Why start a part-time shingle? There are plenty of reasons to start a part-time practice. Maybe you have a lucrative day job which you want to keep as you get your law firm off the ground. Perhaps you’re home with children and want to work part time to spend more time with family. Or maybe you have another passion outside of the law and hope to use your legal skills to earn some money to support your other endeavors.

2. Practice area selection: Some practice areas work better than others for part-time practice. We’ll give several examples of those fields best suited for part time work and identify some of the skills needed for each practice area so that you can choose the one that works best for you.

3. Malpractice Insurance/Ethics: How do malpractice insurers view part time practices? Are they considered lower risk because you handle fewer cases? Or high risk, given that you’re only devoting part of your energy and attention to your practice. We’ll offer some views on malpractice insurers attitudes towards part time practice and also discuss whether you will need coverage at all. We’ll also identify any potential ethics issues of moonlighting as a lawyer while working at another job.

4. Time Management: Part-time practice demands efficiency. We’ll identify ways that you can carve out blocks of time to maximize productivity. And for part-time shinglers who are also parents, we’ll give tips for how to avoid being imposed on by other parents who believe that you have the time to volunteer or host playdates since you work from home.

5. Marketing: Any successful practice, part time or full time depends on regular marketing. But if you work part time, meeting for lunch several days a week is going to take a bite out of your schedule. We’ll offer an overview of marketing strategies that you can incorporate into your part time schedule.

6. Technology: Part-time practice is enabled by technology which can let you work from anywhere. We’ll examine cloud computing and some of the tech tools you can use from VLOTech to SAS practice management and free Google apps to organize your practice and take it on the go.

7. Personal Considerations: You may feel that between balancing your law practice and other activities, you may feel isolated, never fully engaged in either the at-home or full time work community. We’ll show you ways to connect and collaborate with other lawyers in your same situation so that you don’t feel so alone.

The Part-Time Shingle is part of the PinkSlips, Detours and Re-Entry series, presented by: Carolyn Elefant, Esq., author of Solo By Choice and the blog, MyShingle, and Julie Tower-Pierce, Esq., author of Staying at Home, Staying in the Law: A Guide to Remaining Active in the Legal Profession While Pursuing Your Dreams and the blog, Darling Hill. For more information, visit

Event Cost: $31.95 – feel free to share the line with others at the same location. Save 15% – click here! The cost includes the call, sign up materials – and after the call, an updated version of the 50+ page ebook.

To register for the event, click on the button below and mark your calendar. REGISTRATION CLOSES FEBRUARY 17, 2010, at 10:00 AM. You will receive course materials, instructions for the call and a dial-in number 24 hours before the event. If you have any additional questions, contact Carolyn Elefant at or Julie Tower Pierce at

To register for the event at the regular price, click here:

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