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Ideas for the Firm of the Future + One: Diversify Your Offerings

Via Dan Pinnington at, I learned of Merrilyn Tarlton’s excellent article, Figuring Out Your Place in the Race (ABA Law Practice Magazine, Jan/Feb. 2010).  Recognizing that technology advancements and economic upheaval have rendered extinct the high leverage business model, Tarlton predicts that “the future of the business of law is going to be about…

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Social Media or the Internet Alone Won’t Help You Find A Job

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a fan of social media when used ethically and responsibly.  Heck, I’ve got a book on  social media for lawyers with Niki Black that’s coming out at the end of next month. As a shy person myself, I understand the appeal of social media:  it’s easy.  You don’t risk…

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Boutique Practice: Leaving the Land of Loss Leaders

The twenty-first century version of loss leaders, big-law style, is nothing more than old fashioned price cutting wars, observes Toby Brown at Three Geeks and a Law Blog.  A loss leader refers to a pricing strategy whereby a product is advertised below cost to lure customers in the hopes of selling them more profitable, big…

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Return of the Part Time Shingle – February 18, 2010

The wildly popular The Part-Time Shingle Teleseminar is back. Carolyn Elefant, author of Solo By Choice and the blog, MyShingle and Julie Tower-Pierce, author of Staying at Home: Staying in the Law and the flexible lawyering blog,, are teaming up once again on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 12:30 p.m. ET to offer another…

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Learning About the Future of Law From Our Kids

Yesterday, my thirteen year old came home from school and announced that her science teacher now requires all of the students to keep their materials – class notes, homework, handouts and the like – on Dropbox.  And so, my daughter and her classmates spent the most of the class uploading documents from their computers (probably…

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Ghostbusting in the Blogosphere: Is Ghostblogging Unethical & What’s the Best Way to Deal With It?

Back in 2004, now my departed-from-the-blogosphere friend David Giacalone predicted that Ghostblogging Will Kill the Blogosphere.  In a thoughtful post that considered the issue from all sides, David criticized the ethics of ghost blogging and lamented that that mass produced, ghostblogs would be “devoid of the spark of life that has put magic into this way…

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Improve Energy, Increase Productivity with 5 Easy Feng Shui Tips

To increase the positive energy in your office space, and be more productive as a result, consider taking advantage of feng shui. This is the ancient art of aligning our external world to support our internal journey, explains Lorrie Webb Grillo, certified feng shui practitioner and owner of Thriving Spaces Feng Shui.