My Shingle Round Up: Avoiding Scams, Perils of Court Appointed Work, Solo Stigma and Marketing & Tech Tips

Sorry for the increased number of solo round up posts in the past few weeks, but I am getting ready to head out to Tech Show Wednesday with several deadlines yet to meet.   Looking forward to the upcoming publication of Social Media for Lawyers and co-presenting with Niki Black at Tech Show.  Stop by and say hello!

 Lawyer-Scam Alert: Bad things can happen to good lawyers. Here’s how to avoid one bad thing — getting scammed-– from William Chuang.

Don’t Make Court Appointed Work a Full Time Day Job: One reason why lawyers shouldn’t rely on one major client for revenue – especially when that one client is a government program paying for indigent defense:  because you never can tell when that gray train might end.  Court appointed work is admirable and a great way to earn some money – but
it wasn’t meant to be a full time job.

Adobe Pro Worth the Pay: Is Adobe Professional still worthwhile with so many free PDF writers available?  I’d have to agree with Oregon practice management advisor Beverly Michaelis and say yes, for many of the reasons Beverly cites.

Small Law Stigma: Oh, the stigma of working for small law!  Maybe all of this is true.  But even so, why is that advice columnist Ann Israel never has a kind word to say about the solo option?

Webinars & Facebook Advertising:  From my posts at Nolo Legal Marketing BlawgUsing Webinars to Market to Clients  and Should Lawyers Advertise on Facebook? Part I and Part II.