Passion Is Always in Fashion

In a couple of hours, I’m heading out to Seattle for the Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference as well as some other meetings with colleagues and online friends.  I’ll be away for the week and fairly busy, so I won’t be posting.  Plus, while I’m away, there’ll be some back-end work taking place at my site for a re-launch that is coming very, very soon.

So, let me leave you with these thoughts while I’m gone.  At last year’s GMRE conference, I gave a five opening minute talk wherein, among other things, I confessed my passion for everything regulatory – from understanding how regulation works and more importantly, helping companies navigate them seamlessly.  Best marketing I ever did.  Throughout the entire conference, people approached me like kindred spirits, confessing that they, like me, were regulatory geeks.  Even better, I’ve since gotten two significant pieces of business from that talk alone — first time that’s ever happened to me after a speaking engagement.

For this week while I’m away, promise me one thing.  Put down that marketing plan, forget about SEO and stop writing those stilted blog posts wrapped around key words.  Try, hard as it is, to set aside worries about money and how you’ll pay your student loans or your kids’ college tuition.  Instead, put on a smile (force it if  you must!), remember what it feels like to dance a jig and share your exuberance for the law and your devotion to justice with everyone around you.  Then, see what kind of reaction you get, and what kinds of results turn up.

I’m guessing wearing your exuberance on your sleeve will generate some positive feedback, and perhaps even a few leads on clients or referrals.   Because even in a 21st Century world, passion is something that never goes out of fashion.

I’ll see you back here next week!