A Few Quick Bits – Google Search Videos and Practice Management Comparison

I just wanted to mention a couple of quick resources.

First, if you’re in the market for law practice management tools, check out this post by my Social Media for Lawyers co-author, Nicole Black.  In particular, Nicole mentions this extremely useful  ABA Comparison Chart of different LPM tools.  Unfortunately, many of the companies didn’t provide price quotes, which diminishes the usefulness of the chart (no fault of the authors, just the secretive companies).

Second, I posted about a neat tool, Google search stories video (H/T Larry Bodine) Nolo’s Legal Marketing Blawg (don’t have the direct link now; it’s the top story).  Definitely check it out – it is too cool a tool to ignore.  The post also shares the video I created as well as those of a couple of solo colleagues.