Releases White Paper on Health Care Reform & Solos!

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As part of our launch, announces the release of a white paper entitled The Health Care Reform Bill: What Solo and Small Firm Attorneys Need to Know (May 2010). Here’s the back story. As most solo and small firm lawyers are aware, procuring health insurance often poses one of the greatest obstacles to starting a practice. Though some (myself included) are fortunate enough to obtain coverage through spouses, others must purchase it for themselves, often at a huge cost.

For that reason, many solo and small firm lawyers were eager to learn more about the health care reform bill passed last spring, since it promised to broaden coverage and reduce costs for more Americans. Yet in spite of all of the publicity that the bill received, few solo and small firm lawyers (myself included) actually had any idea of what it will do.

After researching the topic on my own, I couldn’t find anything that discussed the new law and its implications for solo and small firm lawyers – both as self-insured and as employers, with an obligation to provide coverage to employees. And so, through MyShingle, I commissioned (for those accustomed to seeing the word “crowd-sourced” on a blog, commissioned means that I paid!) solo-spirited freelance lawyer Kimberly Alderman to summarize the legislation and answer some basic questions that solos and small firms have about the law. And we’ll try to provide updates as the law goes into effect. As always, your feedback or questions are welcome in the comment section below.

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