MyShingle Fashion: We’re Just A Little High In The Instep Here

And why are we high in the instep? Because we’re lawyers (well, you guys are – I am a lowly law student, but I play a lawyer on my blog, only I don’t because that is illegal) and we wear high heels. And I bet most of us only wear high heels because coming into the office in fuzzy Monty Python Killer Rabbit slippers is frowned upon. But we dare to dream. We dare to dream.

This week, I’m focusing on heels, but I know that a lot of you either don’t like heels or can’t wear them due to different orthopedic issues, and for these reasons much prefer flats. Never fear, because my next post will be all for you, and I will put up lots of work-appropriate and even specially made (for orthopedic purposes) flats.

But for now, there is an important matter on fire before us: that of work-appropriate high heels. I’m doing exclusively black heels in this post, but in the future I will be posting shoes in other colors that I absolutely adore and that can easily be worn to the office.

It’s safe to assume that most of us are not wearing Daisy Dukes or mini skirts to work, and instead rely on trousers or knee-length skirts. Medium heels are the best for trousers and skirts of that length, and can elongate the leg and create a flattering, slimmed down silhouette.

There’s really not a whole lot you need to know about work appropriate heels. Embellishments, even tiny little ones, are generally frowned upon in conservative law offices, but if you’re reading MyShingle, you’re more likely to work for a smaller or mid-size firm, or on your own, so you’ve got a lot more freedom when it comes to your footwear. Some of you might even get away with wearing those awesome Monty Python slippers to work!

When it comes to the material, you’ll want to stick with leather for the most part. Buy the best you can (or wish to) afford, because the better the quality, the more durable the shoe, so you won’t have to keep buying new ones all the time. Keep your shoes shined and make use of shoe polish to guard against scuffs. Resole your pumps, too, when they wear down to the rubber or to the plastic tipping on the heel. If you don’t, you could damage the shoes and then your feet as you continue to walk around in them.

In the spring and summer, consider black peep toes. These are usually acceptable in the workplace except in the more conservative offices, but, again, that’s hardly a problem here.

Also consider the fabric of your suits or trousers when trying to pick out your pumps. For heavier fabrics, go with leather without a second thought, but silk or cotton blends work well with a microfiber shoe. This isn’t a hard and fast rule, but is merely something to niggle around at the back of your mind.

Be aware that thin, tipped heels are going to be generally superior to chunky or stacked heels. They’re more professional, but again, that isn’t a hard and fast rule. Stacked heels are more comfortable, so if you have a problem with heels, go with those.

But thin heels are the preferable option, which is why the ones I’ve picked today are thin and tipped. I refused to go higher than 3″ when it came to height, mostly because that’s the accepted maximum in most business environments, and I personally don’t like seeing heels any higher in the work place. Little known fact: once you hit 4.5-5″, adding additional height to the heel of the shoe fails to add the illusion of height to your figure as it is perceived, so really, all you’re doing is just making yourself more uncomfortable than you have to as you schlep around all day.

So here are a bunch of lovely work shoes, all black, some peep-toed, some closed, all under 3″, and in varying price ranges.

As always, click to purchase.asd


Here’s a microfiber one, like I was talking about. It’s closer to a kitten heel, in my opinion, although it’s about 2″ high, falling out of the kitten range. Perhaps my estimation of it only means that my own heels fall into the stripper range, at an even 4″. Although, technically, strippers these days wear 6″ heels, according to trusted news sources that are not me, I promise.


Patent! So pretty! You guys know of my love of patent, all starting with little red patent leather Mary Janes that my father bought for me when I was 3. They looked so pretty with my red corduroy overalls! …So pretty that I never took that outfit off, no matter how many lollipops and stuffed animals my mother tried to bribe me with.


All the men reading this post still (all two of them) just yelled out, IT’S THE SAME SHOE FROM THE PICTURE BEFORE, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

This is also available in the most vibrant red – absolutely gorgeous.


I love the little menswear inspired touches on this shoe – the light stitching at the toe, the little exaggerated tongue, and the cute shoelace bow. Absolutely adorable. I would love to see this worn with a sleek pencil skirt and a silky blouse, or maybe a top with a touch of lace. I love mixing menswear-inspired pieces in with very feminine pieces, like silk tops or lace.


Here are peep-toes, as I was discussing earlier. I can’t tell how I feel about the knotted toe. Generally, I’m not a fan, but somehow, I don’t mind it here.


This is closer to a kitten heel, in the fake snakeskin style that’s very popular right now, and the long pointed toe elongates the leg even more, especially if you wear this with a skirt, while still allowing for some comfort what with the small heel.


Oh, Target. You can always find something affordable and still appropriate at Target, like this sensible black synthetic leather pump.


Another peep toe, this time in patent. We shall never move away from the patent. At least it’s versatile – you can wear it to work as well as out in the evening. That’s some double billing we can all get behind.


So pretty and simple, and this shoe is also available in the prettiest cobalt blue.

And there we have a bunch of black pumps you can easily wear to work! Stay tuned for non-black pumps, as well as flats!