If Ten Year Olds Aren’t Watching TV Commercials, Prospective Clients Aren’t Either

Tonight, before heading out to the pool for a swim, my ten year old daugher, Mira set the Tivo to record one of her television shows.  The show was scheduled to run at 9 pm, with a second showing at 9:30.  Since I was sure that we’d be back at least 9:30, I asked Mira why she’d bothered to record the show.  To which she replied – “I always record the shows because I hate watching TV commercials. They’re so boring.”

My daughter’s comment surprised me.  I knew that both of my daughters Tivo’d shows if a conflict precluded live viewing or so that they could replay their favorite scenes.  But I had no idea that my younger daughter was using Tivo to bypass television commercials.   If a ten year old is doing that, how many other folks are doing the same?

With so many companies spending mega-bucks on television advertising, I always assumed that the majority of the population still sat dutifully through commercials.   And indeed, that may still be true today – but not much longer.  After all, if today’s kids are growing up like my daughter — proactively taping shows not so much for convenience, but to avoid commercials, then who knows how effective television ads may be in the future.

So many newer lawyers just starting out envy those firms that have the big bucks to place those tacky lawyer ads on television.  No need.  Because if my daughter’s viewing habits are typical of others of her generation, tomorrow’s clients won’t be learning about lawyers on television commercials, because they won’t be watching them.