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The One-Sheet Generator. Yours, FREE, At MyShingle

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So, ever heard of a one-sheet?  Perhaps the best description comes from Wise Geek, which defines a one-sheet as a

single page document designed to provide a burst of information about a product for the purpose of sales or advertising….one-sheets are also usually constructed with some care to create a flashy, appealing image which makes them stand out.

In fact, you’ve probably seen one-sheets that promote books, workshops or seminars.

Unless you’re handy with graphics, designing a one-sheet on your own can be time-consuming.  Likewise, the costs of outsourcing one-sheet preparation can add up, particularly for lawyers who market through speaking engagements and need to create separate one-sheets for different programs.

Well, now there’s a solution to the one-sheet problem, courtesy of MyShingle and the hard work and vision of talented graphic designer, Nicole Flusche of Design Black List.  Nicole designed the MyShingle One-Sheet Generator, where you can design a one-sheet for a seminar or workshop, customizing the logo, colors, layout and text.  At the end of this post, there’s a marked up version of a One Sheet that I created using the program.

The One-Sheet Generator is free to use, with one catch:  you must register here to use the site.  Once you register, you’ll receive a universal password that will open the doors to all of the gated content on the site.

The One-Sheet generator may not suit all of your needs – and if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, please fill out the contact form and let me know.  In addition, if you need more specialized one-sheet design or a logo — “bespoke” design services — I highly recommend Nicole.

Finally – and this is the fun part – send me your One Sheet creations and I’ll publicize them here on MyShingle (just realize that if the content is date-sensitive, I can’t guarantee timely publication).

To use the One-Sheet Generator, click HERE.

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