Why You Should Register for MyShingle

For over seven years, MyShingle was an entirely free blog, full of open content:  hundreds of blog posts as well as static resources like Soloformania (a compilation of forms commonly used by solos), Bars, Reviewed (a summary of benefits to solos offered by state bars) and the OnLine Guide to Starting A Practice (already well stocked but a work in progress).  Recently, we added some new voices – right now, we have Huma Rashid’s informative and entertaining fashion series and we’re open to ideas for other columns.  Again, unlike other blogs, we value great content and we pay for it (albeit modestly).

But a month ago, we decided to up the ante, and have started adding gated content of substantial value.  The content is all free, but you have to register to use it.  First, like any other going concern, MyShingle needs to build a mailing list to increase the site’s value to continue to attract more generous sponsors like Nolo, which support our work.  Second, quite frankly, I want to keep control over dissemination of certain products for competitive reasons.  Third, if the ABA is going to charge solos even a discounted membership fee  for what it offers solos, free registration for resources of comparable value doesn’t seem to be to much to ask.

Here are some of the benefits of registering for MyShingle:

  • Access to free ebooks, including From Biglaw to Yourlaw (going solo out of biglaw), Parents Who Practice (reflections on motherhood and solo practice) and MyShingle Inspirations – Part I (Part II doesn’t require registration for now);
  • Access to nearly 5 hours of audio on Six Weeks Til Solo Practice;
  • Unlimited use of the new MyShingle One Sheet Generator;
  • Deep (and exclusive) discounts [note – most vendors readily give discounts to any solo related site as a way to access an aggregated solo audience.  Most of the discounts are pretty flimsy – and we won’t waste your time with registration unless we can secure a benefit that’s substantial and exclusive to our site].

In the next few months, we’ll be rolling out even more great benefits for registered members, – and if you sign up, you’ll be the first to hear about them.

Readers, please let me know what you think of our new registration policy (too onerous) and which of the MyShingle resources – gated or not – are your personal favorites.  The comment section is open.

To register for MyShingle, Click Here.