Too many lawyers squander the awesome power of Web 2.0 by putting up static websites that aren’t much more than glorified brochures (memo to these offenders:  you don’t need a website to post a static document online.  You can simply put it up at a site like Docstoc or Scribd!)  Perhaps lawyers believe that adding features like contact forms or Call Us buttons is a costly proposition, and while that might have been true even as recently as two years ago, it’s no longer the case.  There’s simply an abundance of user-friendly tools that you can incorporate into your website to add functionality, invite interaction and give your site a bit of pizazz in the process.

For tips on how to incorporate interactive tools, take a look at my exhaustive post (OK – most of my Nolo posts are comprehensive, but this one is truly a tome!) at the Nolo Legal Marketing Blawg, on Making Your Website More Inviting By Inviting Interaction.

Please let me know in the comment section whether you use any interactive tools at your site, and if so, which ones.