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Biglaw to Yourlaw: A Trend, But Nothing New

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Earlier this month, both Slate and Crains New York carried articles describing the recent trend of biglaw attorneys starting their own practices. Summarizing these articles, an Above the Law post called the biglaw to yourlaw move a “new trend.”

Not. Well, not if you’re a regular reader of this blog, anyway. I’ve been documenting the biglaw to yourlaw trend for half a decade. Here’s a round-up of posts on the subject, as well as my ebook (free with registration), From Biglaw to Yourlaw.

Biglaw to Yourlaw: A Recipe for Success

Leaving the Land of the Loss Leader

Biglaw practice on a budget

Biglaw to Yourlaw: Pros and Cons

Round-up of posts (2005-2008) on biglaw to solo practice .

To access the ebook below (you don’t need to register but please consider doing so):

Biglaw to Yourlaw

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