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No Need to Niche Alone: Collaborative Niche, the Firm of the Future

Regular readers know that I’m a big fan niche practice. Indeed, niche practice is fast becoming a niche of its own on other solo blogs, particularly Chuck Newton’s Third Wave.

But niche practices aren’t just for solos and small firms. Today, I came across this Press Release for the Redgrave LLP, a law firm serving clients in the areas collectively known as “information law” which encompasses matters like electronic discovery, privacy and data protection. Hailing from various biglaw firms and in-house, Redgrave LLP’s seven attorneys are located in Minnesota, California and Washington D.C. thus enabling them to leverage their contacts and serve clients nationally.

Some niches, for example, representing Vietnamese businesses in Houston, Texas or home based business owners in Boulder, Colorado, are naturally limiting and adapt well to true solo practices. But others – like social media and employment law, information law or outsourcing – potentially offer access to enormous national markets where a collaborative model that allows for sharing of resources may be the better approach, and indeed, will be one that we’ll see more frequently in the future.