MyShingle Fashion: This, and That, and Colorful Flats!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I blame law school, the Islamic month of Ramadan, and global warming. But then again, I usually blame global warming for everything, including the fact that my clothes came out of the dryer this morning still slightly damp.

But as promised, I return with lots of colorful flats after my previous soporific post devoted to boring black flats. So wake up, everyone! This post is chock-full of bright colors that will make you feel bright, alert, happy, and like maybe you’re having one of those fun but slightly terrifying flashes that you vaguely remember from the 1970s.

Let’s get started. As always, click to purchase.


I’m a huge fan of Anthropologie, which is why I like their more cost-affordable version, Urban Outfitters. It’s a great place to go to stock up on a couple of fun, trendy pieces, and they offer a decent selection of flats at low prices. I own a pair of flats from here and they’re comfortable and durable and haven’t let me down yet. Not so great in rain, though (few are). Oh, and they don’t hold up to a flame-thrower or llamas. So, yeah, for what it’s worth…


I’m really digging these colorblock flats. Yes, yes, I realize they’re pointy-toed, but I’m hoping they’re not ridiculously pointy-toed once I get them on my feet. I generally don’t like pointy-toed flats (the fact that I use them often in my business casual posts on my blog is mostly because they fit my $100 budget when a similar round-toe option doesn’t) but I make exceptions occasionally, and I’d make an exception for these. Love ’em.

Of course, at that price, they’re more of a splurge for a cash-strapped law student or lawyer, who might be able to find more practical (but still cute!) options at places like Urban Outfitters or Target. Never underestimate the power of Target. Even though the corporation recently donated a lot of money to a controversial politician. Fail.


As much as I love the previous flats from Loris Shoes, I’m digging these from Anthropologie more. They’re the kind of shoes I just want to stare dreamily at from over a milkshake with two straws stuck into it. I love the snakeskin look, I love the ankle-straps, and I absolutely love that color. These are the kind of shoes I wouldn’t mind taking home to meet my mother. She’d want a pair in her size, too.


Here’s another affordable pick in a rich, deep purple from Tilly’s. I love the color to death, and it’s far more versatile than you think. Much like olive green, a purple like this can be worn with a ton of different colors and look great. Purple shoes really are quite under-rated.


I’m a little uncertain about the trim and cap toe here, but I had to include these because I can never find pretty green shoes. And I don’t mean lime green, and I don’t mean mint green, and I don’t mean puke green. I mean, green green. Even emerald green! I’d probably kick something small and furry and adorable into next week just to find some pretty emerald green shoes. And I love small and furry and adorable things! That is how much I want nice green flats.

So these will have to do. For now. Until Anna Wintour decides that green is the new black, after having deemed every other color the new black, including black (“Black shoes now with 50% more black,” the cover of Vogue will read in neat ALL CAPS typeface, “because Obama is President.”)


Would you guys hate me if I said I’m really into brogues right now? (The previous statement qualifies as the dumbest thing I’ve said all day, mainly because I don’t care if anyone judges me for anything stupid like what shoes I like, and that’s quite a feat, because I’ve said some dumb things today. Why, not an hour ago, I was musing that it was very likely that former Governor Rod Blagojevich’s hair committed quite a few RICO predicate acts all on its own.)

Anyway, as if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m not talking about Scottish brogues, but brogues as in shoes. Menswear is back this fall, so these shoes are super trendy once more, but trends mean very little to me. I just love menswear inspired pieces in general and have even when they weren’t in fashion. I love pairing them with pretty feminine colors or fabrics, like pink, or silk or lace, to play up the contrast.

Plus, they look like bowling shoes, and I secretly like bowling. I don’t know why I “secretly” like it. It’s hardly the sort of thing about which one needs to be secretive.


Here’s a pretty royal purple if deep purple isn’t your thing, and is one of the relative affordable picks featured today. Plus, it’s got that pretty embellishment to add just a touch of sparkle and glitz to your outfit.


I love J.Crew. Just a fabulous, fabulous store. (If you want to check out their more cost-affordable options, check out their ‘budget’ store, Madewell.) J.Crew always has pretty, professional pieces of great quality, and they have pretty great sales, too. I love the pretty pale salmon color of these flats, with the tiny bow and neat oatmeal trim. Just lovely.


Because sometimes, a woman just needs gold shoes.


These are navy, I promise. Like a lot of the dresses at the Emmy Awards the other night, this is navy but looks black in the picture. I promise it’s not. It’s a pretty, deep color with a fun chainmail embellishment around the back that, surprisingly, I think adds a great, edgy touch.


Just to be a jerk, I wanted to find a pair of flats that were just ludicrously expensive. Like, so expensive that if you actually bought them, I should be allowed to throw rancid tomatoes at your head for being so frivolous with your money.

To that end, I found these Lanvin flats at Bergdorf’s, and I have to say, I’m really loving the sunrise/sunset colors! Fiery orange and red and gold – just lovely! Not that I would ever buy them (I like being able to look at myself in the mirror, you know), but they’re really pretty. Even though they’re definitely not worth over 1 grand.

And if you think they are, well, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn that I think would go great with these shoes.

Tune in next time, when, in dealing with a bout of guilt for ignoring the male readers of this fashion column (yes, all two of you), I will probably be talking about what you can wear with a plaid suit. Yes, a plaid suit. Fun times!