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Solo & Small Law Hit the Big Time With ABA Soloing Center & Above the Law’s Small Law

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Looks like I (along with the other solo practice bloggers) are part of the cool crowd now. Where MyShingle was once the sole solo blog online, now solo and small firm blogs and websites are cropping up everywhere, including the least likely of places: the ABA website and Above the Law!

Last month, the ABA launched its much heralded Smart Soloing Center. Thus far, the Smart Soloing Center appears to be a portal site for aggregated content from other ABA publications and solo bloggers.  But, you can also access forms for your practice – FOR A FEE! (no joke! – the rotating image on the front page will take you to this link for paid forms). Please note that MyShingle offers many of the same forms free, either at soloformania or our resource libraries where you’ll find free (and hard to find) forms on of counsel agreements, Model Partnership Agreement and other information. And there’s more coming. No charge – just register free for the password.

Meanwhile, Above the Law jumps on the solo bandwagon with a new feature on Small Law by a former small firm practicing lawyer who goes by the name of Little Richard. Not an auspicious start, but then again, who am I to judge a site that’s got Lexis/Westlaw as a sponsor and an editor who actually gets published in the New York Times.  Though I expect that Small Law will draw attention to “esteemed” solos like Ticket Gangsta, (who’s been the subject of much discussion over onSolosez), at least ATL is doesn’t play favorites, but mocks big firm and solo lawyers equally mercilessly. (That’s more than can be said for lots of ABA and bar publications, which turn every story about a solo-gone-bad into a rallying cry for CLE or more practice management classes).

As my former fellow blogger, Bob Ambrogi reminded me on Twitter, we solos have always been the majority in numbers – though not media exposure. Now, with the ABA and ATL co-opting the solo cause publicly, we’ve achieved both.

Will you be following either of these new sites, or engaging in the comments at Above the Law? Share your thoughts below.

  • Carolyn, I am your loyal fan, but you got this one backwards.

    The ABA hit the big time; you and the solo pioneers ARE the big time!

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