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Let’s Pay New Lawyers To Do CLE

Let me start by saying that I don’t like mandatory CLE (I’m not alone in this view either). Frankly, CLE doesn’t improve our profession and worse, gives the public a false sense of security that lawyers are competent. Let’s face it: those lawyers who take their obligations seriously will always take classes, follow relevant blogs…

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No Need to Niche Alone: Collaborative Niche, the Firm of the Future

Regular readers know that I’m a big fan niche practice. Indeed, niche practice is fast becoming a niche of its own on other solo blogs, particularly Chuck Newton’s Third Wave. But niche practices aren’t just for solos and small firms. Today, I came across this Press Release for the Redgrave LLP, a law firm serving…

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Vary While You Work

No need to feel guilty about spending the afternoon working at the coffee shop, or taking a quick breather from an appellate argument prep with reading or writing a couple of blog posts. According to a bunch of new studies summarized in this New York Times article (H/T Volokh), turns out that study techniques like…

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MyShingle Fashion: This, and That, and Colorful Flats!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I blame law school, the Islamic month of Ramadan, and global warming. But then again, I usually blame global warming for everything, including the fact that my clothes came out of the dryer this morning still slightly damp. But as promised, I return with lots of colorful flats after…

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Some Thoughts on Being A Legal Rebel Twenty Years Too Late

I’m deeply flattered that the ABA Journal recognized me as one of its ten solo legal rebels.  Trouble is, I don’t feel very rebellious these days. That wasn’t always so. Back in law school more than two decades ago, I was a rebel in the truest sense of the term, defying conventional wisdom and challenging…

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