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Webinar on Social Media for Cornell Law School

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Tomorrow, I’ll be giving a webinar at Cornell Law School on how lawyers can harness the power of social media. Much as I love my alma mater, given that Cornell isn’t actually on the cutting edge of anything (except Cascadilla Gorge), I’m surprised at the level of interest in, and the expected turn out for a talk on social media. In case you’re interested, the presentation is below; I am forever trying to figure out the best way to present on this topic – if you spend a few minutes on SlideShare, you’ll see that there are dozens of ways to approach it.  In any event, here’s mylatest effort (this one has a bit of a job focus since that was one area of interest for the law school)

Next up on the social media circuit:  in two weeks, Nicole Black and I present on social media here in DC at  We’d love to meet up with you then!

  • Looks pretty good. Some of the formatting on the slides seems a bit off but that might just be the way it looks on slideshow.

    I’m still not sold on JDSupra though. I haven’t seen any evidence that it has any reach outside of other lawyers, and relatively limited at that.

    In defense of Cornell, though not completely law related, the Cornell Project Management Method site that I blogged about last week is one of the best open management sites on the web:

    Of course, that’s from the business school and they have to be useful and relevant to their students unlike law schools.

  • Carolyn Elefant

    I wish that I could blame the formatting on Slideshare but it is really my utter lack of skill in anything graphics related.
    I spend a ton of time on Slideshare and drool over the gorgeous slides, but I can’t implement anything even close. In this case, some of the charts were done with other products (the circular chart is via Gliffy) and I have trouble using them. What most people do not realize about me is that I am a bit of a techno-klutz – if tech supports clients or writing, I can use it, but anything involving buttons or manipulation on a screen and I’m hopeless. I’m doing a similar presentation again – actually in Birmingham AL in December – and maybe I will get some professional help before then.

    As for JD Supra, I go back and forth. Because it doesn’t have embed features, its value is more limited. At the same time, JD Supra does circulate docs with press releases and the new LinkedIn tie in may give docs more reach.

    Actually, I should not bash Cornell so much – they also are home to LII though that was after my time.

  • Send it my way. The raw text/images/etc., and I can follow the above as the template. I can put something really slick together in no time flat. You’ve seen my reports at my site right? I’m pretty good with layout work. I have a lot of experience with computer-based design and layout.

    Birmingham! Awesome. Who are you presenting to? Open or closed event?

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