MyShingle Fashion: Without The Prints, Can It Still Be A Pucci?

The WSJ asked that last year – without print, is a Pucci dress still a Pucci? I only remember the headline so vividly because I remember seeing it pop up in my Hootsuite, and I remember kind of straightening and thinking, What?! A Pucci without the prints?! Heaven forfend!

Because I say fancy things like “heaven forfend” when I think to myself. I assumed everyone did. If not, everyone should.

Personally, I love Pucci with the prints. Prints are something of a trademark for Pucci right now – you see a pretty printed dress and your first thought is Pucci, just like when you see a black circle with two smaller black circles toward the top and you immediately think, Walt Disney.

I had this one very elegant, well-dressed neighbor who often invited me over when I was a kid – she and her husband were childless, had one old cat that I loved, were always baking cookies, and were good friends with my dad, so I could often be found at her house. She must have worn a Pucci once a week. I think she only had a couple, and she wore them in regular rotation, one for every Friday of the month or something, but that image of her persists in my mind when I think Pucci: inventive, pretty prints for a sophisticated, put-together modern woman.

Ah, there really is something to be said for brand loyalty, huh?

But that whole thing got me thinking about printed dresses, and how much I like them. I think I own one, which is a shame, because they’re a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. If the print is right, that’s all you need. Shoes, jewelry, and bags can be kept simple and understated so the focus remains on the dress – it feels like cheating and cutting corners, but it’s true. If you’ve got a pretty printed dress, you can look polished and effortlessly chic with minimal fuss when it comes to picking out shoes and accessories.

Here are some of my favorites in different price ranges. All images are linked, as always.


Oh, gosh, how pretty would this look with a nice blue shoe? Even a nude shoe would look just lovely. I’d pick a simple pendant necklace to go with this, since that v-neck creates a nice little pocket of space right there.


Empire waist, dark colors, and that draped skirt make this dress a very flattering choice. I’d probably go with black pumps, and a silver and black chain of some sort. Oh, and definitely a bracelet, with those cute, fitted half-sleeves.


Now, the description says this dress has cap sleeves, but, I don’t know, I’m calling foul on this one. Apparently ‘no sleeves’ are ‘cap sleeves’ now. Or maybe I’m just used to extra caps on my sleeves.

Whatever the case, you’ve pretty much got to wear a lovely wine colored pump with this dress, which I am all for. Purple shoes are gorgeous and versatile (they go with sooo many colors!) and under-rated.


I felt bad about putting up so many dresses that were over $100, so I found this one. Not bad – simple black and gold. Well, more like beige, but still. It’d work well with a beige or black shoe, maybe a green or purple necklace for a nice, cool pop of color.


Yes, yes, I know this Maggy London dress is too short, and that it’s got teeny tiny spaghetti straps, but I really like it! I mean, I realllly like it. So can’t we just make an exception here, just this once? Can’t we all just buy this and wear it and look fabulous?

Really? Okay, good.



I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t post at least one dress from Anthropologie. In my experience, their sizes run just a little small, so consult the size chart to be sure, though you may want to order a size larger than you usually do.

(I don’t like the little ties on the sleeves, though. Little fussy details like that have always bugged me.)


Oh, gosh, so pretty, so flattering. But then again, it’s a DVF, so…is anyone really surprised?


I’d wear this with a beige or camel-colored shrug. I love shrugs! I’d probably find an open front, draped shrug to go with this one so as not to mess with the cut of the dress and the sash tie on the side.


Love this. Sheath dresses are flattering for most women (they’re a great pick for plus-size women, too!) and I like the colors in this one. Busy? Sure. But everything else is kept minimal, this would look amazing.


Another gorgeous dress, and this time, Cavalli. Love the color palette.


Grab a nice sweater and a pair of brown pumps and you’re set to rock this pretty frock.

Finally, the icing on the cake, I figured I’d include some actual Puccis that I just adore.




Oh, Pucci. Never, ever stop with the prints.

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