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Law Firm Tech Bio: Bruce Godfrey, Owings Mills, Maryland Lawyer

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1.  Name, name of firm, location and practice areas.

Bruce Godfrey, Law Office of Bruce Godfrey, Owings Mills (Baltimore County), Maryland, unemployment appeals, tax practice and criminal defense.

2.  Name 3 to 5 of the most important or frequently used software (desktop or cloud) products in your practice and describe, briefly, how you use them?

Apple’s screenshot function – much easier than in the Windows world.
Clio practice management – good billing and pretty good practice management tools.
DropBox – I don’t really need it but am setting it up for the day that I might in the future. – by far my best investment.
Sitemeter – my best tool for measuring return on online investment.

3.  What’s your favorite tech tool under $100?

iPhone earphones – they let me earn and learn on the road

4.  Name on favorite app for phone or ipad.

Clio interface for iPhone – allows me to pull over and capture the billable right there and then.

5.  What do you use for legal research?

I use the Baltimore County Circuit Court Law Library, its free Lexis service and its paper volumes.  In many of my practice areas, complex legal research is less common as the relevant precedents are fairly well-known, not obscure.

6.  And…off tech…what’s the neatest and/or most useful piece of non-tech swag that you keep on your desk or in your briefcase?

The little red stapler that adheres magnetically to the side of my paper file cabinet ($2.00 at Office Depot) – a little thing like this makes a surprising amount of difference.

  • Thanks, Carolyn!

  • Great resources here! One of my favorite tools as a professional has been the ability to send faxes by email, and receive faxes by email. So convenient to be just about anywhere and receive (or send) a fax on my laptop, ipad or smartphone. I used to review what features were offered by the top services and picked the best one for me.

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