1.  Name, name of firm, location and practice areas.

Robert Z. Cashman; Cashman Law Firm, PLLC; Houston, Texas; and New York
Areas of Practice: 1) Foreclosure Defense, Bankruptcy.  2) Patent Law, Patent Litigation, Trademarks, Licensing.  3) Protecting internet downloaders against accusations of illegal file-sharing and copyright violations based on their use of the torrent protocol.

2.  Name 3 to 5 of the most important or frequently used software (desktop or cloud) products in your practice and describe, briefly, how you use them?

Insight.ly works best with my Google Apps Web Site.  Insight.ly is a free cloud-based client management system (CRM).  Also heavily used are encrypted Dropbox-alternative file synchronization software solutions such as Wuala, SpiderOak, and most recently, SugarSync (now being tested).

I also get great use out of http://tungle.me/cashmanlawfirm scheduling service which synchronizes to my Google Calendar.

3.  What’s your favorite tech tool under $100?

I have a 1 TB encrypted external hard drive which greatly enhances the storage space on my law firm laptop.

4.  Name on favorite app for phone or ipad.

I use an Ooma phone system along with Google Voice.

5.  What do you use for legal research?

Our State (Texas) gives us access to Findlaw.  Also heavily used is Google Scholar, RECAP (a Firefox plugin), and the Google Patents interface.

6.  And…off tech…what’s the neatest and/or most useful piece of non-tech swag that you keep on your desk or in your briefcase?

I love my Sansa Clip+ mp3 player which plays open source audio formats.